A New Item, Some Guyot History, and a Contest!

Isn't this a beautiful piece? Its shape reminds me of the fragile glass ornaments hanging from our family Christmas tree that I would wonder at as a child. It is the newest shape to come from a series of filigrees that began as a square. Not long after World War II, the company resumed its manufacturing of decorative stampings, as the medical support items George Guyot produced for the war effort were no longer needed.

Brass filigree for making jewelry or other decorative items


While I was shooting this piece for the e-letter, I started to think about how many items can come from a single filigree. This is one of many shapes that came from a one and three-quarter inch square, and from that square a whole family of filigrees was born. And this led to the idea of hosting a contest!

square brass filigree used in making jewelry, furniture, stained glass, and other decorative items Clover shaped brass filigree used in jewelry making and other decorative arts Rounded edge clover shaped filigree oval brass filigree used in jewelry making and other decorative arts

01276 (the original filigree in this series), 01277, 01278, 01279

round brass filigree with scalloped edge, good for jewelry making and other decorative arts round brass filigree used in jewelry making. good for pendants, earrings, brooches Floral inspired filigree with eight petals. Used in jewelry making and other decorative arts Irregularly shaped filigree for use in making jewelry and other decorative arts, partially scalloped edges and two ends with points

01280, 01281, 01282, 06657

 Brass filigree reminiscent of a maltese cross. Good for wrapping stones. Filigree cross, Christian style Round filigree for making jewelry. Also available with center pierce to look like a hoop. 

07738, 07714, 07746

Contest Details - Can you guess how many filigree items, including the various daps, have come from 01276, the original square filigree? To enter, send us an email with "Filigree Contest" in the subject line and in the body of your email tell us what you think the number is. Be sure to also include your contact information in the email. 

The correct number will be announced in our next e-letter, and whoever comes closest will receive a one-pound Guyot jewelry findings grab bag and a link to their website (or the website of their choosing as long as it is a family-safe site) in our next e-letter! 

Have fun, and we look forward to hearing from you.

And by the way - as always - if you want samples of any of these items, 
please let us know.
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