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A classic Guyot item, the 5272 lovebirds connector, has taken on a new form, that of a bead cap.  The original design for 5272 would have have been first produced sometime in the 1920's based on our company's archives; the bead cap idea came to us in 2009, and it seemed like a perfect match. The love birds are so versatile because even though they are recognizable and distinct in their style and quality, it is an item easily worked into many different types of jewelry, from earring fancy drops hanging from two short strands of chain to multi-stranded beaded necklace, or as a simple connector between lengths of chain.  It's wide breadth of uses has made this a classic finding, selling year and year out since it has been part of the Guyot line.  The bead cap form allows for even more variations within a collection, or it can stand alone on a beautiful pair of earrings.

Lovebirds motif and bead cap.  Made of brass.

5272, 07787

Speaking of the 1920's the third season of Downton Abbey is underway, 
and it is set in that time so famous for social change and the fashions that went with it.  

Hot off the press!  We have just finished the first production run of this luscious palm tree, and 
you are the first to know about it!  Maybe this bold motif can make a last-minute addition to your spring designs.

Large palm tree motif.  Made of brass.


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