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It seems like every week there are new and easier-to-use jewelry making hand tools being offered, and classic techniques such as riveting are being revived, in part for environmental reasons, in part because ease of use has increased.  Guyot filigree is known for its versatility not only because of its being available with a center hole, which is sized for a standard eyelet (sometimes referred to a a flange), but many other Guyot items are also available with a riveting hole.  Here are a few items for your consideration.  Some may be familiar to you; we hope you will find something new here for your line.  These items are also available without the center hole, so please feel free to ask about them.

 Decorative vintage style brass stampings with a center hole for riveting.  Used in jewelry and other decorative arts.

07327-w/095, 8835-w/095, 06234-S-095, 07326-w/095, 07258

Hammered brass stampings with center hole for riveting.  Used in jewelry making, furniture, or any decoratve art application

07873-w/095, 07821-w/095, 06216-w/095, 07875-w/095, 07820-w/095, 06351-w/095

If you are currently using a Guyot item and would like a center hole, please feel free to ask about it!  Conversely, if you are using an item that has a hole and you would prefer it without - chances are that is available too - just ask!


And from the Jewelry Book Shelf...

Thanks to Mary Sue Packer, a world class book reviewer, we are pleased to share her latest review on

Serpentina - Snake Jewelry from Around the World

Let's face it, we're fascinated by snakes and serpentine images.  We are squeamish and drawn toward them all at the same time.  If it were not true, then we wouldn't have such a long history of the serpentine motif being used in jewelry and design.  The iconic serpent has been with us since before time, and for a Hollywood rendition, think Elizabeth Taylor wearing a serpent circlet in the 1963 classic film, Cleopatra.  


If you would like samples and prices any of the above Guyot items (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include the item numbers you would like to see along with your name and address with your email.  



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