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PBS Masterpieces' Downton Abbey has been a television hit, and fans are happily anticipating season three, which may be expected to air in about a year.  Seasons one and two are set during the years just before and through World War I, and season three is expected to flow into the 1920's. The costuming, and especially the jewelry costuming, was something which received riveted attention by this jewelry findings manufacturer.  Bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and headpieces adorned with glass and beads and jewels were accents in nearly every scene.

In fact, it felt a little bit like home, because there are so many findings in the Guyot line that are not only perfect for Edwardian style jewelry, but were actually tooled for during the Edwardian era.

Here are some Guyot items that came to mind while I was watching Downton Abbey and we thought they might be items you would want to consider for your line. 

Delicate brass two-ring finding for earrings. Brass filigree finding with two rings for earrings and other jewelry Shell-like decorative stamping for jewelry Victorian style two-ring brass decorative stamping for jewelry. 

07005, 7163, 5456, 07295

Perfect for both earrings with beadwork and used in multiples in necklaces. About an inch or smaller in size.

Classic Edwardian style brass jewelry finding with three rings  Edwardian style brass filigree connector for necklaces

6216, 7169-D

Larger in scale, about an inch and a quarter.


Victorian style jewelry finding with two rings  Delicate filigree with three rings for y-necks.   Ornate stamped brass jewelry finding with three rings 

5429, 07214, 5463

Smaller accent pieces, stunning when linked together, dripping with beads.

If you would like samples and prices any of the above items (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include the item numbers you would like to see along with your name and address with your email.  

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