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This e-letter is devoted to some items that are asked for regularly but have not yet made it to our on-line catalog, so we thought it was about time we made them more visible.  We are often asked about oval shaped filigrees, and we do make one in three sizes. They are shown here in a popularly dapped style, but they are also available flat. 

Dapped oval filigrees used in making jewelry and other art objects

9526-A, 01279-A, 05633-A

Some stylized Filigree leaves are shown here as well.  A plain shape of the same three sizes offers a sleek modern appeal to a classic shape, which was originally tooled by Guyot Brothers sometime in the 1930's.

Paisley shaped filigree leaves in three sizes Curved and dapped stylized heart shapes in three sizes

8705-R, 8706-R, 8707, 8706-L, 8705-L and 8705-PR, 8706-PR, 8707-PR, 8707-Pl, 8706-PL, 8705-PL

Also highlighted are some items, all made from the same style filigree but in different sizes and trims.  In the photo, just to give you some creative juice, we have shown them in a layout that might work as a fancy earring or pendant.

Filigrees of the same style laid out for a fancy earring design

6159/3-W050, 6160/5-W/095, 6160/1

If you would like samples and prices any of the above items (manufacturers and volume users only, please), send an email to info@guyotbrothers.com and we will send them right away. Please include your name and address with your email.  Thank you.

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