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We ran across an intriguing article in a recent issue of the The Wall Street Journal. entitled "Seeing Store Shelves Through Senior Eyes".  Perhaps you have read it. If not, it can be found at this link from their website. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB125288402995807243.htm

Briefly, the article is about Kimberly-Clark and their program to help retailers such as Walgreen, Rite Aid, Family Dollar Stores better understand the obstacles seniors face while shopping.  Store managers wear gloves, wear glasses that blur vision, and replicate other impediments that elderly and challenged shoppers might encounter in the aisles so they can make appropriate in-store improvements for their customers.

And of course, this article reminded us of one of the uses for Guyot decorative stampings, zipper pulls, which aside from being embellishments or fashion brand identifiers in the form of name tags, make using a zipper easier for not-so-nimble fingers.  

brass charms good for use in making zipper pulls

06869-NR, 03092, 6901-NR, 06145-NR, 02178

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