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"Wazzat" Contest Results

The creative thinking we get exposed to never, ever ceases to amaze us. When we first posted our "wazzat" item we thought you'd give us a guess or two, that there would be no winner and off we'd go to our next e-letter. WRONG ! And just to let you know how wrong you've proven us to be, below is the list of guesses you gave us, enjoy ! 

Oh wait we almost forgot the item in the photo is a light bulb guard, it was developed in the late 1940's to prevent the theft of light bulbs from the New York City subway system.

The Light Bulb Guard was mounted onto a custom light bulb socket. The guard itself acted as it's own hinged pin and the little round cylinder on the hinge end was threaded to take a special headed screw.

Below shows the Light bulb guard in closed position.

To change the bulb, the screw is loosened and the guard dropped out of the way. The left and center photos show the guard in the swing position and the right photo shows the guard in the fully dropped position allowing for the replacement of the light bulb.

Wazzat contest entries, we awarded two prizes one to Armen for his entry of guards the base of the light bulb, he chose a set of jewelry finding catalogs as his prize. The other winner went to Karen for her  entry of Bracket for Light and she chose 2 grab bags as her prize. Thanks to all our participants.

  • I think it is a purse clasp.
  • Looks like one half of a toggle clasp, I guess. 
  • Is it one of those old fashioned snapping buttons for jackets or shoes?
  • Wow, this is an interesting one. I had about three ideas, but the one I think I will go with is a bracket to hold a a cap on a large jug or bottle. It's probably something much more unique than what I've guessed.
  • Beer or bottle opener.
  • Air valve release
  • My best guess is that is a lever handle to a device.
  • This answer comes from my husband, though where he gets this is beyond me, ha. A corset fastener or buttoner??
  • How about a part for a lamp??? I hope I won!!!!! If I did I will take the grab bags!!!
  • The grounding part of an electrical connector of some kind.
  • Part of a musical instrument?
  • Part of a hinge?
  • Forget my first wild BUT wrong guess just realized it's too large for ear back unless it's for an elephant. But it looks like hose rack to mount on a wall? Is my guess even close??
  • An earring back!!!!
  • Is it for a horse's bridle? Looks like the strap goes thru the hole? ????
  • Hello ... is that a piece of a horse bridle?
  • a part for a musical instrument.
  • I think it is a belt buckle, or part of one
  • Is it perhaps a stirrup (or rather a step-up) for a carousel animal? 
  • It looks like the thumb latch part of a latching bail for a canister. The bail itself is not shown but the two bent ends would slip into the holes on the bail.
  • I think it is nautical in nature. Probably a "line" or rope guide for a sailing vessel.
  • A flag holder!! A belt buckle!! Oh my gosh perhaps it was the  fastener for a chastity belt
  • Could this be a rig that attaches to one's belt (on the right side of the object - loop your belt through) and the loop projects out at a 90 degree angle, dangling below, and holds a flashlight?
  • How about a bottle opener that attaches to your belt?
  • How about a wall-mounted flag holder?...or a kite spool release
  • Hello, is it a lampshade protector that also guards the base of the light bulb ?
  • Brass Door Security Guard
  • I have one more guess... Brass Security door view or peephole? 
  • Is that metal thing an old cofer latch?
  • Is it a safety latch?
  • I think that the mystery item is part of a door latch mechanism.
  • latch for a double pane window.
  • I know! It's a privacy lock for a hotel room door. The device pivots like a hinge and when engaged over the doorknob inside the room and does not allow it to be opened from the outside! Yeah, that could  work! So go ahead and tell me already!
  • My second guess is part of a security latch for a door to prevent it  from opening more than a small crack so a person could peek out at the  person at the door.
  • I think is a part of one of your machine to produce findings.
  • I'm going to guess that the strange brass object is something that holds the barrel of a gun in a gun rack? 
  • Ok, here's my guess. Holder for a Billy club
  • It's a holster for a night stick!
  • My guesses are that the wazzat is part of an old window lock (between the panes) or a locking handle part for a window that would be towards the bottom of the window.
  • is it for a boot?
  • Is it a gun part?
  • Is the mystery part a latch for a purse?
  • I don't know what to call it but here's how I speculate the device could work... The lower right tubular end is connected to a fuel source, the fuel travels through the tubing that has been bent into a roughly circular shape to be suspended on a bottle and then down to the end point which is again on the right but above the inlet. There a wick of some type (if the fuel is not a gas) and could allow for development of a small flame. Potential uses? A nightlight? One of  a series of similar devices used in series to light a walkway? A device to keep a bottle of milk from freezing when left on a doorstep?
  • It's a lock for a trunk or luggage.
  • An old fashioned door stopper??
  • Window or Door Latch or Bracket for Light?
  • My guess is that the 'wazzat' item is a buckle finding?
  • I know, I know !!, it is the thing that hangs off of a specially made belt of a policeman, that a night stick or flashlight or something hangs from.
  • A latch for a trunk/footlocker
  • A bracket to hold straps to a gurney
  • My guess is a cops nightstick holder.
  • A piece on a Fire Extinguisher.

How is that for a list of creative thoughts ?

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