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wire formed object

Every once in a while we find ourselves playing a little game of "Name That Part".  The part is generally one that Guyot Brothers has produced in the past, and almost always it is not a jewelry related item.  

It occurred to us that you might also like to play, so here is the game:  The first person who can correctly identify this part will win their choice of a set of Guyot catalogs, or two one-pound grab bags of Guyot decorative jewelry findings.  The game expires on August 31, 2009.  We will offer you one clue - it is not a cup holder.

Contest Results

Simply send your game entry in an email to info@guyotbrothers.com  Be sure to include your name and address so if you have guessed correctly, we will know where to send the catalog set.  The winner (and an identification of this mystery item) will be announced in our next irregular e-letter.



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