Peeksure of a brass teddy bear charm facting right. Peek-ture of a brass teddy bear charm facting left.


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Issue 137
Show some beautiful leaf stampings along with providing information on the new catalog format for Guyot's textured brass findings. 

Issue 136
Introducing a beautiful "botanical" jewelry stamping and some bold new hammered brass oval and rectangle "hoops".

Issue 135
An array of items from new to Christmas classics as well as a look at colors for 2017.

Issue 134
New bails from a hammered texture, and a new "Leafy Field" Texture, very whimsical.

Issue 133
Introducing new butterfly and dragon fly pages

Issue 132
Introducing an assortment of new brass texture jewelry findings and Pantone's Colors for fall 2016.

Issue 131
Introducing a vast assortment of new brass jewelry findings from tear drops and textures to new brass filigree shapes and brass arrow charms.

Issue 130
Introducing our new array of brass tear drops (aka brass rain drops) which highlight our growing selection of textured jewelry stampings. We also managed to slip in a new version of one of our classic brass dragon fly findings.

Issue 129
Introducing our Moon Craters, as well as 2 new brass textures, one a "quilt like" texture, the other one we simply call "swirly".

Issue 128
More on our new filigree lily pad shape and announcing the results of our filigree "count" contest.

Issue 127
Introducing some a new filigree lily pad shape.

Issue 126
Introducing some a new filigree shape, and a filigree "count" contest.

Issue 125
Introducing some Big bold rings, needing only your finishing touch.

Issue 124
We show some new bails and new jewelry findings with our organic texture and some new versions of our new polka-dot texture. 

Issue 123
We show some new jewelry findings as well as an unusual way that filigree can be used to create beautiful eye-catching jewelry. 

Issue 122
Highlights Guyot Brothers new jewelry finding developments as they relate to historic 20th century moments in time. 

Issue 121
Introduces a new dragonfly version as well as a new filigree version

Issue 120
Introduces a new "polka dot" texture pattern and shows a small cross section of our 5000+ item product line

Issue 119
Highlights of various filigree items not yet shown in our online filigree catalog

Issue 118
This e-letter introduces a new filigree rings and provides some Guyot Bros history touching on our venture into the world of "plastic filigree".

Issue 117
This e-letter introduces a new brass palm tree stamping and shows a new version of our kissing bird finding.

Issue 116
This e-letter "double feature" show cases some an array of findings suitable for riveting a well as presents the latest addition to our jewelry bookshelf.

Issue 115
This e-letter show cases  new blank and hammered oval findings.

Issue 114
This e-letter show cases  new filigree and hammered triangle findings.

Issue 113
This e-letter show cases a small cross section of the brass blank stampings in the Guyot line suitable for hand stamping and micro-stamping.

Issue 112
Guyot findings cover a range of styles. Here is a cross section that would fall under Edwardian in nature.

Issue 111
Takes a look back at some very early hoop ear rings and findings as well as showing a few samples fro Guyot's broad range of brass hoop findings.

Issue 110
Introducing a new additions to our group of bird and beetle charms

Issue 109
Introducing a new group of filigree clusters with loops,

Issue 108
Highlighting items not shown in our on line filigree catalog.

Issue 107
This e-letter highlights some new organic look textured items.

Issue 106
This e-letter highlights some filigree jewelry findings that have been used as highly decorative settings.

Issue 105
This e-letter shows some timeless filigree findings that have been used in making jewelry and handbags after originally being made as shoe ornaments.

Issue 104
An e-letter that that provides a peak at a few new products including a new filigrees cluster. It also provides a link to a page on dress clips which is something we have been hearing whispers about.

Issue 103
An e-letter that that provides a peak at a new bead cap, a new textured tear drop and a new version of an old classic buffer fly finding.

Issue 102
An intriguing article from the The Wall Street Journal, entitled "Seeing Store Shelves Through Senior Eyes".

Issue 101
The results of our little game of "Name That Part".  Great fun to read, many outstanding and creative guesses.

Issue 100
A little game of "Name That Part".  The part is one that Guyot Brothers has produced in the past, and it is not a jewelry related item.  

Issue 99
A look at "Steampunk" applications for some industrial stampings as well as some jewelry finding applications.

Issue 98
A brief history of a brass filigree. This findings e-letter takes a look at the evolution of a filigree series.

Issue 97
The Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame induction of Joseff of Hollywood creator of and Joseff: Jewelry of the Stars   

Issue 96
Introduces 6 new filigree findings. 3 additions to our 06701 series and 3 from our 01276 series.

Issue 95
synopsis of jewelry news, trends and displays for summer 2009

Issue 94
A summary of a recent AP article on "
"Switch Craft:  Battery-Powered Crafts to Make and Sew"." We show a few jewelry finding applications that seemed to perfect for these "battery-powered crafts".

Issue 93
Introduces 3 new products including a classic 8 x 6 rope edged cabochon frame/setting. It also calls attention to our range of
plain, straight wall cup settings.

Issue 92
Provides some history and photos of a unique application for decorative jewelry findings. Aerolux Decorative Light Bulb filaments including a stunning photo of a Masonic Square and Compass

Issue 91
Introduces a few new products and product updates ranging from a adding loops to our beetle to a group of hammered brass tear drops.

Issue 90
Provides some interesting insight into the Monarch Butterfly and the use of butterfly motifs in the jewelry world

Issue 89
Introduces an array of new products and product updates ranging from a canoe charm facing both left and right to a group of hammered brass circles that evoke a hardware look.

Issue 88
Announcing that the Jewelry Book Shelf has reached 50 jewelry book reviews, and shows a new item in our workshop.

Issue 87
a new filigree jewelry finding a new two-ring version of a small star, and a new bead cap,

Issue 86
Two unique stores, one on a unique use for beads, the other about a movie done on the life and influence of the Great Coco Chanel

Issue 85
An announcement of of some temporary ornament catalog pages being added to the online findings catalog.

Supplement Issue 13
Announced the addition of four book reviews to our Jewelry Book Shelf

Issue 84
Shown here is a series of vintage round jewelry findings with die struck concentric circles along with a little of their history.

Supplement Issue 12
The Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame induction of  Diane Love and Trifari: A Fortuitous Match

Issue 83
A Vintage Jewelry Survey and a peek at Princess Diana Spencer's Jewellery Collection.

Issue 82
Introducing four new bead caps and 2008 fashion color trends

Issue 81
This issue highlights a group of findings first produced as shoe ornaments and introduces two new vintage style filigree buttons. On the lighter side we take a look at some humor for word lovers.

Issue 80
This issue features a look at a group of findings that was originally introduced in 1929 having been tooled and produced by Guyot Brothers for
Jaeckel Manufacturing Company of Providence.

Issue 79
A look at a listing of the worst and best gift ideas along with an announcement of of some  ornament catalog pages being added to the online findings catalog.

Issue 78
This issue highlights a pair of "classic" button findings from the late 1930's and the changes to them that taken place in their production as they  "march through time".

Issue 77
Introduces another creative use for decorative jewelry findings (decorative door stops ! ) and showcases our new teapot finding.

Issue 76
Offers comments on a Women's Wear daily fashion forecast and introduces a new dragonfly size and new filigree versions including a modification to our filigree cross.

Issue 75
Introduces new brass findings to our filigree and decorative stamping product lines.

Issue 74
This e-letter issue highlights one of our brass leaf series, showing three sizes, and three styles, flat filigree, dapped filigree and plain brass.

Issue 73
Introducing yet another use for ornamental jewelry findings, the finishing touch to decorative plate racks.

Issue 72
An e-letter showing the article on Belt Buckles that was added to the 100+ things you can make with decorative jewelry findings.

Issue 71
An e-letter showing our yet to be online range of brass crosses.

Issue 70
Introducing the making of creative birdhouses as another use for decorative brass jewelry findings

Issue 69
A look at how one customer uses our made in USA tag.

Issue 68
Announcing  the addition of
"American Costume Jewelry; A HISTORY OF COSTUME JEWELRY DESIGN IN AMERICA " to our website as well as providing a sneak peek at our new brass filigree cross.

Issue 67
A look at some filigree clusters that make terrific egg stands 

Supplement Issue 11
He put the Carl in Carl-Art. The story of  Fashion Jewelry hall of Fame inductee, Carl Schraysshuen.

Issue 66
A review of
Accessories Magazine's July "Directions" Issue, forecasting jewelry and fashion trends for  Spring/Summer 2008 

Issue 65
A look a 100 top advertising campaigns and a sneak peek at a new brass ornamental finding.

Issue 64
Introduces a range of new decorative jewelry findings all made from the same base fancy brass finding.

Issue 63
Announces the addition of 135 new terms to the Jewelry Findings Glossary of Terms 

Issue 62
Announces the expansion of our "Jewelry Book Shelf"

Issue 61
Showing a few hammered brass jewelry findings with 095 center holes and briefly explains their purpose.

Issue 60
Introduces a new tear drop shape to the Guyot line of decorative jewelry findings. One a classic hammered brass, the other a soft sandblast textured brass. 

Issue 59
Announces the adding 7 new brass filigree clusters.

Issue 58
Announces the adding some new brass hammered items including some brass rings and some brass disks suitable for riveting.

Issue 57
Announces the adding of a new page 37 to our on line filigree catalog

Issue 56
ome Guyot product history, showing 2 filigrees made years ago for wrapping stones and porcelain cabochons,

Supplement Issue 10
Introducing "The Jewelry Book Shelf".

Issue 55
A mention of the current popularity of Vintage Bird Jewelry and a photo of some vintage bird jewelry findings.

Issue 54
Some decorative findings from Guyot that fit right in with the styles we saw in Accessories Magazine's Spring/Summer 2007 Directions forecast issue.  

Issue 53
Introducing a new filigree butterfly design.

Issue 52
Some findings not shown in our own line catalog including a few hammered brass disks.

Supplement Issue 9
The bigger than life story of the varying works of McClelland Barclay, sculptor, jewelry designer, Naval Artist and Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame inductee.

Issue 51
Holiday trends for fall 2006 from Craft Trends Magazine

Issue 50
The September Accessories Magazine current themes in the jewelry designs

Issue 49
HISTORY TO GO, Guyot Brothers Jewelry Findings in the classroom

Issue 48
Healing Crystals for use with Cell Phones

Issue 47
Announces the adding of 3 new hammered brass items

Issue 46
Announces the adding of a new page 36 to our on line filigree catalog

Issue 45
A small page showing a few brass fleur de lis stampings not shown in or on-line catalog.

Issue 44
The  Jewelry Designer couple  Marcel and Sally Boucher inducted into the Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame.

Issue 43
Shows a couple items not shown in our oo-line ornaments catalog.

Issue 42
Announces the adding of new page 60 to our on line ornaments  catalog

Issue 41
Two articles on cell phone fashion's including cell phone jewelry and accessory.

Issue 40
A look at heart and Valentine jewelry, along with a few findings that are appropriate for this "Love Bugs" season.

Supplement Issue 8
An article on Eisenberg Enamel.

Supplement Issue 7
One of the unique ways artists, designers, and artisans use Guyot jewelry findings is in stained glass. We think the following is extraordinary and want to share it with you.

Issue 39
A look at upcoming  jewelry trends for 2006 published by Craft Trends Magazine

Issue 38
An interview with James Dyson, the British inventor of his eponymous vacuum, and recipient of the
Rhode Island School of Design, 2005 Success by Design Excellence Award.

Supplement Issue 6
Learn about collectable Christmas Tree Pins and the how to build or improve your collection.

Issue 37
An article on the growing popularity of penguins and the possible uses of the
penguin motif.

Issue 36
Needle arts and stitchery are one non-jewelry way in which Guyot findings are included in a structural or design function. We thought this brief article would be of interest to you.

Issue 35
Newsletter showing a variety of uses for brass hammered jewelry findings.

Issue 34
Announces the adding of a new page 31 to our on line filigree catalog

Supplement Issue 5
News about the Auction of Hollywood Star's Ann Miller's 
fabulous  costume jewelry collection.

Supplement Issue 4
The Art Deco Jewelry Designs of Jakob Bengel, Legendary costume jewelry designer  inducted into the Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame.

Issue 33
Where does your creativity sparkle with ideas?  Recently we have run across a couple of articles on this subject, and, well -- it gave us an idea! 

Issue 32
An article from Women's Wear daily, NEW TRENDS BLOSSOM FOR SPRING, where the current Bohemian looks and others are examined 

Issue 31
An article from Women's Wear daily, VISION QUEST Madeline Weinrib travels the world to bring unique objets to her new atelier.

Issue 30
Shows an Italian Bracelet made from hammered brass links and shows a few Guyot hammered brass ornaments suitable for similar applications

Supplement Issue 4
HOLLYWOOD JEWELRY, During the 1930ís, glamour and extravagance were the hallmark of Hollywood and both were personified in its movie stars.

Supplement Issue 3
The Designs of Ruth Kamke, Legendary costume jewelry designer Ruth Kamke inducted into our Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame.

Issue 29
Announces the adding of new page 63 to our on line ornaments  catalog

Issue 28
Accessories Magazine article on Butterfly Brooches, pictures showing several examples including filigree butterflies.

Issue 27
Fashion news from The Wall Street Journal stressing custom work for particular markets.

Issue 26
Announces the adding of
new page 32 to our on line filigree catalog

Issue 25
new Aspen leaf decorative jewelry finding with 2 rings, a redone rose bud finding and a new brass ornaments catalog  page #28

The year 1904

Supplement Issue 2
The Magic of Mandle...our 2nd in a series of articles we call Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame.
In 1966, Robert Mandle won the prestigious Swarovski Design Award.

Issue 24
Broochs featured as Fashion Jewelry News from the pages of the May 17,2004 issue of Women's Wear Daily.

Issue 23
Barrettes and hair ornaments making a come back, some brass butterflies suited for this design application and a new finding introduction.

Supplement Issue 1
WALTER LAMPL: UNUSUAL...AS USUAL, our first in a series of articles we call Fashion Jewelry Hall of Fame. Walter Lampl created finely crafted jewelry as unique as he was and a system for distributing it as bighearted as himself.

Issue 22
Concho belts in the Fashion News, links to the catalog pages showing the various concho finding styles and sizes made by  Guyot Bros.

Issue 21
A variety of new decorative jewelry findings, including a large filigree cluster, a brass rose and our new "Moonscape" ornaments.

Issue 20
Fashion news from Associated Press about "hip pins"

Issue 19
new beautifully detailed brass dragonfly charm, and a new brass ornaments catalog  page #66

Issue 18
a new art deco style brass butterfly sample, new brass ornaments catalog  page #65

Issue 17
new filigree catalog page #27, including a new brass filigree version 07144

Issue 16
bracelet making ideas, new brass ornaments catalog  page #64, 5 new findings, one with with a stone hole to accept a Swarovski pp12

Issue 15
a new hammered piece, that has a pre-struck setting for a Swarovski ss-30, and a variety of holes for hanging beads etc

Issue 14
a glossary of jewelry findings terms, an index of our charms and novelties catalog, new catalog pages, and new decorative findings versions

Issue 13
Fashion news from The Wall Street Journal about targeting middle-aged suburban women 

Issue 12
Fashion forecast from Fashion Accessories, a few items that might apply including  3 new decorative findings

Issue 11
new filigree bows, and our made in USA tags

Issue 10
introducing our smallest filigree butterfly to date

Issue 9
Fashion news from Fashion Accessories, some of our new filigree clusters

Issue 8
filigree beads in brass and sterling

Issue 7
an extensive new range of filigree clusters. For use in jewelry as well as egg decoration

Issue 6
Fashion news from Fashion Accessories about chandelier earrings and Victorian style jewelry using cameos

Issue 5
a historic perspective on the manufacture of jewelry, new brass filigree catalog pages 12,13,14

Issue 4
Fashion news from Fashion accessories, brass hearts and brass anchors, a variety of filigree balls

Issue 3
new fairy charm in two sizes, a new box corner and an interesting new decorative jewelry finding for Swarovski pp16 rhinestones

Issue 2
 a new version of our 8849 filigree and our 5713 bug charm

Issue 1
a new  brass filigree series, a new 25 x 18 stone frame, a reminder that our filigrees are available in sterling silver

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