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New charms or novelties, re-designed brass ornaments, new varieties of filigree manipulations. What we’re working on, or thinking about working on. Sometimes a little jewelry history or a touch of fashion news. From decorative findings to jewelry news. Quite frankly we don’t know what we are going to write about or when we’re going to do it, but what we do know is that by subscribing to our irregular e-letter, you will be "first on the block" to receive our latest product information from new findings to new catalog page. Each findings newsletter, offering an unknown variety of content makes every e-letter a friendly visit offering a welcome surprise.

In this ever-changing world of fashion, be it jewelry manufacturing, lamp making, quilting or any of the decorative crafts, it is becoming essential to keep your imagination active and open to new design ideas, whether they are new jewelry findings or uses for those findings, vacuum cleaners, cartoons, or history lessons. You’ll find the best way to stay engaged and informed about Guyot Brothers products and services is to subscribe to our e-letter. When you subscribe we send you a link to our latest issue and the fun directory where we deal with the lighter side of things. The Guyot irregular e-letter is directed toward everybody involved in jewelry making, from design to manufacturing.

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