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The meaning of different color roses and different types of roses

Rose Love
Rose, Austrian  Thou art all that is lovely
Rose, Bridal  Happy love
Rose, Burgundy  Unconscious beauty
Rose, Cabbage  Ambassador of love
Rose, Campion  Only deserve my love
Rose, Carolina  Love is dangerous
Rose, China  Beauty always new
Rose, Christmas  Tranquillize my anxiety
Rose, Daily  Thy smile I aspire to
Rose, Damas  Brilliant complexion
Rose, Deep Red  Bashful shame
Rose, Dog  Pleasure and pain
Rose, Guelder  Winter Age
Rose, Hundred-leaved  Pride
Rose, Japan  Beauty is your only attraction
Rose, Maiden Blush  If you love me, you will find it out
Rose, Multifloral Grace
Rose, Mundi  Variety
Rose, Musk  Capricious beauty
Rose, Musk, Cluster  Charming
Rose, Single  Simplicity
Rose, Thornless  Early attachment
Rose, Unique  Call me not beautiful
Rose, White  I am worthy of you
Rose, White (withered)  Transient impressions
Rose, Yellow  Decrease of love. Jealously
Rose, York and Lancaster  War
Rose,Full-blown, placed over two buds Secrecy
Rose, White and Red together  Unity
Rose, Crown of  Reward of virtue


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