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Gingerbread House Festival



This modest little gingerbread house graced the lobby of Lincoln Place in Lincoln Rhode Island during the 2007 Holidays. 


This Gingerbread Mansion was built in
The Fairmont Hotel in San Jose California 
as part of its 2007 holiday celebration.




This life-size gingerbread guard house with life size tin soldiers occupied the second floor lobby of the Chicago Hilton Hotel on Michigan Avenue through the 2007 Holiday season

The unique gingerbread house designs shown above and below, that were showcased at The Fairmont Southampton in Southampton Bermuda during their 2007 holiday celebration, were appreciated by tourists from all over the world.

The gingerbread house village featured below was a highlight of the New Year's Eve afternoon tea at The Fairmont Southampton in Southampton Bermuda as these delightful little gingerbread mountain A frames dotted the landscape of this lavish tea buffet. An example of very imaginative gingerbread house ideas.

Below is  a delightful Gingerbread Christmas Train, for you die hard Boston Red Sox baseball fans a Gingerbread Fenway Park and a Gingerbread Cake depicting a classic New England harbor scene.

A photo of a charming gingerbread Christmas train. A photo of a gnigerbread baseball field, Fenway Park in Boston. A photo of a "gingerbread harbor scene".


The ginger bread and candy house shown below, interior lights and  was on display during the 2008 Holiday Season at Atria Lincoln Place in Lincoln Rhode Island.


The gingerbread houses pictured right are from a kit which really takes nothing from their eye appeal.

If you are really into "The Gingerbread Arts" check out "The Gingerbread Ninja."

The gingerbread wonders below are from the Winnipeg Festival of Lights & Trees held at Assiniboine Park Conservatory. 

If you have a gingerbread house idea you'd like to be part of our Gingerbread House Festival please contact us, we are looking forward to hearing from you and viewing your Holiday creation.

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