Guyot Brothers manufacturers of decorative jewelry findings since 1904.

Stamped jewelry component that looks almost wire formed.

Filigree, ornaments, charms, and novelties designed and manufactured by Guyot Brothers Co., Inc. attract attention from a broad variety of people and industries. When first encountered there are often many questions. This assortment of frequently asked questions and answers may help you in your evaluation of Guyot's extensive range of filigree styles, bold to delicate ornamental stampings, or whimsical to detailed line of brass charms and novelties.

1) What do people make with your jewelry findings and decorative stampings ?

2) What is the minimum order for purchasing Guyot's decorative stampings ?

3) Are all of Guyot's open line products shown in your catalog ?

4) Do you make name tags/signature tags/quality tags ?

5) What materials are Guyot filigrees manufactured in ?

6) How do I order jewelry findings from Guyot ?

7) Are the pictures in your catalog actual size ?

8) Do you handle plating for your customer ?

9) How long does it take to get an order ?

10) What are your terms of sale ?

11) Do you have a price list ?

12) Where can I buy jewelry packaging and shipping supplies ?

13) Do you know of any jewelry books that maybe helpful?

14) Does this finding come with a loop or a ring ?

15) Can you add a hole to this finding ?

16) What size ring shank findings do you manufacture ?

17) Do you know of any on line jewelry forums or discussion groups ?

18) In what materials do you offer your jewelry findings ?

19) Can you give me an example of your pricing ?

20) Where do I begin ? I'm starting my own jewelry business could use some help with how to proceed.

21) How can I tell the size and weight of the items shown in your on-line catalog ?

22) I love your stuff and want to purchase a sample of everything you make, how much will it cost ?

23) Is there a way I can advertise on your site ?

24) I have some vintage jewelry. How can I find out how much it is worth?

25) Do you supply jewelry making chain?

26) Do you provide soldering or fusion services ?

27) What are some of the different ways to use filigree ?

28) Does Guyot Brothers ship internationally?

29) How do I order samples?


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