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Hi there, Thanks for the wonderful newsletter about this one of a kind person. (In reference to Ruth Kamke). Can't you just see someone doing all that work today, with little or no recognition!?
It takes me back to a time when I was a child, and a family friend named Minnie Marcks who was a milliner in St. Louis, Mo, took a young man under her wing who went on to become the famous 'Mr. John'. O what a wonderful place for a youngster to explore....all the furs, feathers, jewelry and glitzy things that went into making women's' hats back then. 

Thanks again,

Thanks for sharing the story of the Monarch butterflies! Amazing and shocking! You are so creative with your "irregular newsletter"....I always read it because I never know what to expect! : ) 


Thank you Andrea! Great article and links! 
Best regards, Tamara 


Interesting reading. 

Thank you


What a nice addition to your site, I have already forwarded the Hollywood jewelry article to others. 



I appreciate so much the article on the German costume jewelry and the very interesting history lesson! I myself am half German, and have an on-going conflict between my love for costume jewelry, and the trend of major designers to produce pieces which become finer and less interesting each year. This fabulous article makes me proud to create beautiful things without being a snob about materials. I actually fall somewhere between plastic and diamonds in my personal tastes, after all.

Thanks for making the effort.


Thank you so very much for these articles. I will definitely use them.



Thank you Andrea –
Very interesting…and now shown a wonderfully obvious application!



Enjoy your irregular news letter, Andrea!!!!!



Thank you for all of the wonderful information that I receive from your e-mails. I think the Glossary of Terms is excellent. 



I always look forward to your "irregular e-letter." Thanks. 



Just signed up for your e-mails. What a wonderful product you have. Just what I have been looking for. Looking forward to dealing with you. 

Yours, Karen 

Thank you for sending your e-letter. I especially enjoyed the article about Sandra Boucher and forwarded it to many people. I can tell you put a lot of effort into this, and it really helps to keep your name fresh. I really like getting your e-letters.

Many thanks. I enjoy your irregular newsletters! 


Good Morning Andrea,
I enjoy your newsletters, very informative.

To Whom It May Concern:

I just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful article on jewelry history. I am teaching a new course this year and I have been struggling to find a decent book on jeweled history that gave an overview of the timeline of existence. Many of the books and magazines available are very time period specific. You have done me and my students a great honor in compiling the data. Thank You

Ms. Heather Deitchman
Director Fine Arts
Glades Central CHS

Thank you Andrea,
I really enjoyed this a lot !


I just wanted to drop a note and let you know how much I enjoy the Guyot Newsletters and browsing the catalog pages.......keep sending the newsletter!

Beth Ann

Hi Andrea:

Just looked over the latest newsletter. I love your newsletters!


Dear Andrea 

Thank you for keeping me up to date with your emails. It's always very interesting and informative to see what you are offering, and of course an inspiration to my jewellery making !

Yours sincerely,


Loved the story about Grannie packing heat......


Hi Andrea -

Thanks for a peek at the new findings from Guyot on the e-letter. They look like fun...


Andrea -- 

Thanks again for a great newsletter. Some of the pieces in that Trifari collection are breath-taking!


Thanks! I loved everything in my last order! Also, I enjoyed reading about Diane Love on the last newsletter.


And yes, please keep the newsletters coming--Love them! Eileen
Thank you. That was interesting to read. Diane
I have never replied to your newsletter before but found this an interesting topic..

Thanks for your newsletter. Linda

What an interesting question - and even more so with the collection of answers. Thanks for sharing. Janet
Thank you! I appreciate what you do and the memories the pieces bring to me of my Mother's Miriam Haskell.  Susan 
That was neat including the giant Gingerbread houses! I've never seen anything like that before! Cool. Thanks for sharing!


Hello! Thank you for your on-line catalog and newsletter that I have been enjoying for some time now.


Thank you for doing the Irregular Newsletters...I enjoy them sooooo much!

Sincerely, Arvilla

Thank you for your irregular e-letter.


Hi Andrea, 

I found this newsletter very informative. Thanks .....

:o) Scarlett 

Andrea - Love reading about the history of companies so thanks for the inclusion of history of Guyot. Also was looking at uses for stampings....Is that really Bruce with a guitar covered in charms? 

Take Care, Regards, Claude

Hi again Andrea,

I look forward to your irregular e-letter! I'm hoping I see things that I might have missed or haven't seen before, just on your vacation notice alone there was a tiny 2 hole dragonfly...must have that one with our next order! 

Thanks again! Carolyn

I'm enjoying all the e-letters. Please keep up the great work.

Good Stuff !  

A fun read....I especially enjoyed the one about the old flicker lights that your company made the filaments for.....who knew?!

Thanks a lot, 

HI Andrea,

Since I always enjoy getting your irregular email, I opened this and I do not have a clue. So, I asked Barry what he thought and he thinks it is a part for a musical instrument. That is our guess. Have a great day! 


Thanks, Andrea! This is fun!

Thank you for inviting me to participate.

Thanks for the interesting contest! 


Thanks so much for these new designs, very inspiring.


That was so interesting Andrea....


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