Guyot Brothers manufcaturers of decorative jewelry findings since 1904.     A round decorative jewelry finding, boldly pierced like a filigree with strong accent designs.


Guyot Brothers Company Inc has been a leader in the manufacture of decorative brass jewelry findings since 1904. All production operations take place in our modern plant located in Attleboro Massachusetts, known as the birthplace of the jewelry industry in America. Current management has a combined over 150 years experience in the manufacture of jewelry findings and ornamental stampings. Our longevity in the jewelry industry as a family owned and operated business has given us a unique prospective that we are pleased to be sharing with you through our day to day operations as well as our web site.

Our History

Four generations ago, at the turn of the 20th Century, Numa Guyot and his family joined the throng of Europeans to leave their native home and seek a new kind of life in America. Numa, born in France, was a master craftsman living in Switzerland, engraving gold watches for a living and etching and engraving steel plates for a hobby.

Like many of his fellow immigrants, he was unable to find a job with which to support his family, so beginning in 1904  he (literally!) carved one out for himself at his kitchen table, by cutting steel hubs and selling the designs to jewelry findings and stampings manufacturers. Business grew to the point where a "factory" was needed and N. Guyot and Sons became a "real business". Following the advice of a customer, Numa instead of just cutting the hubs, began making ornamental stampings using his own designs.

In 1925 the business became Guyot Brothers Company Incorporated as Numa's  sons continued to expand the business through the roaring 20's. During this time the company benefited from the filing of several patents, including snap clutches (decorative snap necklace closures), the wing bracelet, rolled back bezel settings, expandable chain used in watchbands, a button-making method, and other items including a filigree which is still in production.

The stock market crash of 1929 and depression that followed took its toll and on the jewelry findings industry and Guyot Brothers survived doing work only on an order to order basis. The 30's were also a time of great new enterprises and many talented costume jewelry designers were just getting rolling during that decade. Many of these designers are remembered in the 21st century, and their lines are still produced under their names. The Guyot brothers were with them in the beginning of their careers and enjoyed growing their business as the entire industry managed its way through these difficult and challenging years.

Because of the metal shortages during WW II, Guyot Brothers and other metal findings makers ceased the manufacture of decorative stampings and jewelry findings. They began the production of first aid supplies such as stretcher and tourniquet clamps to support the medical needs of the Allied Forces. Even though Guyot Brothers sold the tooling after the war, these quality life-saving parts are still being produced and sold throughout the world.

After the war Guyot Brothers resumed the manufacturing of decorative stampings and findings for jewelry and has been continually producing high quality charms, stamped filigree and its bold array of ornamental stampings ever since.


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