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Stamped jewelry component that looks almost wire formed.

When we first went on-line with our web site we knew we were in for a learning experience after all the jewelry industry's history as we know it is only about 5000 years old and not being anywhere near that age we knew some "catching up" would be necessary. We also knew that there would questions, so like others we added an "FAQ" section to our site and after considerable time and energy came up with we thought was a "complete listing" of questions we thought our site visitors may have. WRONG!!  Instead what we learned was people have an almost insatiable curiosity when it comes to jewelry and jewelry findings. The questions they have are  insightful, provocative and required us not only to clear out some cob webs but do some home work as well, After answering quite a few of these "not so frequently asked questions" we decided to publish some of them on our site for others to appreciate.

Where can I sell Estate Jewelry in The Charlotte area of North Carolina?

Do you know of anyone making beaded curtains using your metal filigree beads ?

We create scrapbook page kits, and had the idea that we could use some of your decorative jewelry findings as scrapbook embellishments in the raw brass state to give that real vintage look without any finishing. Do you have any thoughts on that?

In seeking a sales representative to sell my jewelry line, what qualities should I look for in that person?

What is a dap? What does dapped mean?

Are the vintage pieces in your Costume Jewelry Hall of Fame Photo Galleries for sale?

Do you have any circles in silver?

Do you make hinged rings for assembling tops and bottoms of eggs for Faberge style eggs?

What is the best way for me to adhere brass to brass?

What does annealing mean?  What is the definition of annealing ?

What does "NR" mean in your coding system ?

As I plan to teach jewelry making classes what should I take into consideration ?

What does F.O.B. mean ? 

I've read your Jewelry Industry News section and check it regularly for updates, where else can I learn about the latest trends in fashion jewelry ?

Do you know a good place to sell precious antique jewelry?

Where can I find jewelry making classes or jewelry design classes?

Do you make Club Penguin pins ?

What is the percentage of lead use in your metal jewelry findings ?

Do you make filigree bolo slides?

Do you manufacture your items? Are they made in USA?

How do I place an order to be drop shipped?

How will I know when my order has been drop shipped as requested ?

What is rose gold?

Do you make your jewelry findings in sterling silver?

What is a karat used to measure ?

What does carat mean?

I recently realized my hobby has turned into a business and I need some kind of jewelry inventory system, I know you make findings but do you have any experience building jewelry inventory systems ?

What are the birthstones for the different months ?

How much duty do I pay on goods from USA ?

Does Guyot Brothers make any Art Nouveau Lady or Goddess charms ?

Where can I learn about jewelry designer internships ?

Does Guyot Brothers make filigree bead caps?

What are good luck charms ?

Do you know how I might go about cleaning my vintage jewelry ?

How many grams in an ounce ?

 What is a filigree cluster?

I see your findings can be used for egg decor, can you tell me where I can learn how to make Faberge eggs ?

Do you make word charms with classic Winnie the Pooh quotes on them ?

Do you know where I can find online photographic training for jewelry ?

Do you know any jewelry sales tools that can help me show my jewelry in the most  favorable way and generate good, profitable sales ?

Where can I find a good variety of colored glass stones, vintage glass stones, cabochons, and synthetic stone supplies for costume jewelry?

Do you know where I can find free chain maille jewelry patterns ?

Does Guyot Brothers have a cash and carry showroom?

Why is brass used in making jewelry findings? 

Does Guyot Brothers carry Swarovski chandelier chains ?

What kinds of glues and adhesives are available for jewelry making?

What is the meaning of each finger for rings ?

Does Guyot Brothers Make Bobeches?

Are any of your concho type items available with screw backs?

What is the meaning of the symbol moon and stars?

Do you know anything about setting up a professional jewelry display ?

Why do you send two pieces of an item when you send samples?

What happens to brass if I don't apply a finish ? 

Can you tell me how to tell the difference between brass and gold ?

Do you make brass Mucha Goddess stampings ?

What is the difference between a jewelry finding that is a stamping and one that is a casting?

How tall is the statue of liberty charm on page 19 of your charms and novelties catalog ?

How tall is the Empire State building charm on page 19 of your charms and novelties catalog ?

I make one-of-a-kind jewelry and art objects, and I like to work with random pieces and found objects. Does Guyot Brothers supply any of their jewelry findings in random lots?

Does Guyot Brothers offer a standard sample pack of its brass jewelry findings ?

Do you charge for shipping on back orders?

What tools do I need to get started scrapbooking?

I have heard of annealing, but why would I want to have brass jewelry findings annealed ?

It seems a waste to throw away “orphaned” earrings. Do you have any ideas for how to use earrings that have lost their match? 

Can you tell me the best way to clean the brass filigree when it comes from the factory?

Does Guyot Brothers make brass square pill boxes? 

Do you make any of your brass jewelry stampings with pointed prongs for attaching to leather, fabric belts or bags?

Can filigree stampings be bent over a stone or crystal like a setting?

How do I know if some jewelry findings that I like are Guyot items?

What should I expect when I ask for a critique of my jewelry items?

What is the percentage of nickel use in your metal jewelry findings ?

How do you make a Cameo Setting Using Filigree ?

How do you substantiate your products are Made in USA claim?

What do you know about designing and building an effective jewelry display ?

Where can I buy a money clip finding ?

What is a bill insert or bill stuffer ?

Do you make a loon charm ?

Do you make an eagle charm with a loop ?

Do you make this dangle earring part, it's kind of Moroccan, about an inch long and has 2 loops ?

I think you make these 2 Victorian cameo frames, can you give me the item numbers and do you make them in other sizes ?

Do you make any of the parts used in making this stunning crystal bead ?

Do you make this brass engrave able baroque stamping ?



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